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Data Decision Trees ıs a temporary public art installation by artist David Buckley Borden that presents the Penn State Abington community with a three-dimensional visualization of ecological conditions relative to ongoing climate change. This educational sculpture combines art, environmental design, and ecological data based on input from the campus community and the student body in particular. The colorful abstract sculpture features a series of trees inspired by the woodland campus. Selected data articulates environmental degradation, remediation, and challenges—past, present, and future. The community-driven Data Decision Trees project is ultimately an appeal to students to take an active role in the stewardship of their natural resources.

Yvonne Love, Associate Professor of Art
H. John Thompson, Assistant Teaching Professor of Art &
Gallery Director
Les Murray, Associate Professor of Biology
Jake Benfield, Associate Professor of Psychology
Moira Baylson, Director, Office of Strategic Communications & Community Engagement
Delia Tash, Library Staff Assistant
Alexis Donahue, Assistant Director of Business Services


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