Lauren Herzak-Bauman tours the plastics lab

Lauren Herzak-Bauman investigating the variety of plastic materials available for her project.

Lauren’s visit to Penn State Behrend involved an exciting visit to the plastics lab where she met with Jon Meckley and Jason Williams to discuss processes and materials.

Lauren’s background in ceramic mold making and slip casting parallels what Jon and Jason’s students are working on. Their conversations touched on the ways in which engineers are approaching plastic today with an eye to life cycle and bio-materials. With a minimum run of 5,000 parts, Lauren anticipates working with modular units and considering unconventional errors, slippages, or degradation in quality as interesting possibilities in these processes.

Lauren and Eric Corty discuss material possibilities and a vast range of plastics.
Lauren and Jon Meckley discuss material possibilities and look at a purge puddle from an injection mold. Photo credit: Lindsey Landfried.

The Penn State Behrend Committee is led by Matt Levy (Assistant Professor of Art History, Arts Administration), Eric Corty (Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences), Jonathan Meckley (Associate Professor & Program Chair, Plastics Engineering Technology) and Jason Williams (Assistant Teaching Professor (Plastics Engineering Technology).

Three arts administration students have been involved since the beginning of the process: Olivia Coghe, Dalton Dougherty and Jacob Jobczynski.



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