Extended Sunset brings a splash of color to University Park

This temporary art piece will light the night.

This month, Campus Arts is making huge steps towards integrating public art into the everyday lives of students at Penn State as brand new art installations come to campus. Artist Adam Frelin will begin to install his temporary light piece, Extended Sunset, on Monday, October 14th at Penn State’s Center for Performing Arts, located at Eisenhower Auditorium. 

Frelin, often recognized for his project Breathing Lights (below), will be temporarily transforming the exterior facade of Eisenhower by placing a breathtaking photo of a Pennsylvania sunset in the six large windows along the front of Eisenhower.

Breathing Lights illuminated this abandoned building in New York.


Site for Frelin’s Extended Sunset.

After installation is complete, when the actual sunset begins, LED lights will begin to illuminate the piece. However, instead of dimming alongside the actual sunset, Extended Sunset will brighten and last deep into the night. 

Timed LED lights will line the interior of the windows, backlighting the sunset image through the night.

Just as the Center for Performing Arts seeks to facilitate connections between the arts and student lives, Frelin works on the basis that art should be an integrated part of our shared world, complementing public places, and expanding their meaning. Extended Sunset will do just that, providing a beacon of light and a splash of color to students in the dark of night or the grey of winter. 

Rendered photo of completed piece at night.

The implications of vivid color and bright light are powerful, and if anything, Extended Sunset will bring about a more vibrant student experience, even when our campus lacks in natural light.

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Ashleigh Longtine

Student Communications Assistant at Campus Arts Initiative
Ashleigh is a Marketing and Economics major in the Smeal College of Business and the College of the Liberal Arts. She has plans to graduate in May of 2021. Ashleigh is also a member of the Schreyer Honors College and Penn State's chapter of the American Marketing Association.