Stacy Levy

installation of glass jars with water
Collected Watershed, Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University, Towson, MD

Stacy Levy is an artist who works with rain. Her projects give a home to rain on many sites, from parking lots to nature centers. She also works to make visible how watersheds are the capillaries of the land, carrying precious rainwater from sky to the sea.

She has created temporary and permanent works in Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, Phoenix, Fayetteville AR, Tampa, Miami and San Antonio TX.  She often collaborates with engineers, ecologist and landscape architects to make artworks that help solve simple site issues like stormwater runoff and water pollution from runoff.

Stacy graduated with a BA from Yale University and got her MFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University. She began her work as an urban forester in the Mid Atlantic region. Stacy has been awarded the Henry Meigs Environmental Leadership Award, Penn Future Award for Women in Conservation and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts.