Elsabé Dixon

Woman working on mandala of spotted lanternfly wings
Liz Flaherty pinning a spotted lanternfly wing on mandala created by Elsabé Dixon at Penn State Lehigh Valley

Elsabé Dixon received her cross-disciplinary  art training from George Mason University and her Museum training from the Glenstone Foundation in Potomac, MD.  As sericulture and apiculture practitioner she uses the life cycles of insects such as Bombay Mori (Silkworm); Apis (Bee); and Lycorma delicatula (Spotted Lanternfly), to articulate the data and eco statistics regarding specific environmental  postmodern narratives.

Elsabé Dixon is a graduate of Averett University and holds an MFA in New Media Art from George Mason University. Elsabe Dixon is trained in cross-disciplinary practices, public engagement strategies, and community outreach. Elsabé is a contributing writer for East City Art, a Washington-based news source for art reviews and exhibition events. She is the executive director of the Danville Museum of Fine Art’s & History, Danville, VA.